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It's never been my intention to sell Christ.  He's not for sale, and I'm not a good salesperson.  But when you taste a seriously good cup of coffee, you want to share it with someone you love.  Suppose they hate coffee.  They will resent you for ever trying to push it on them.  Doesn't work anyway -- with coffee or Christ.  
Christ  never forced anyone!

It' never been my intention to sell Christ.    But when I think of my life without Him, I get nauseous.  When I fail, He restores.  I grab for greatness, but He provides abundance.  I fail, He picks me up. Over and over.   He never holds my failings against me but instead returns love for hate, and forgiveness for repentance.

It's never been my intention to sell Christ.  He's not for sale.  You would never have enough money to buy Him anyway.  You'll never live a good enough life to qualify for Golden Gate Priviledges.   Christ's ethical standard is out of my reach.  And yours.  He leads by example, not by rules.  That guy loves me.  And the thing is, no matter what you do or say, He loves you too.

Devotions From Moose Manor

A Tale of Forgiveness

Christ has been there working  through the good, bad and ugly parts of my life.   The examples of His presence and influence are humorous and unending.  Here are 200 devotions to lift your spirit and brighten your walk with Him.

  • Available through Westbow Press and Amazon. 

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